My boy with almost 5, diagnosed last month with exon 51 deletion. I received a letter from Greece for Nectar T treatment in which they claimed patients are feeling much better with this product, also they bring an extensive list of patients from all over the world that are using the product and one line explanation about improvement of each individual patient.
It sounds good, but I am wondering if somebody proved this before and that how it works. I want to be sure before ordering this drug.
Here is the site:
waiting for your comments,
with hope to see son of our sons for everbody.

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Hi Farhad,
I ordered some of that Nectar "T" from Greece and received (free of charge) about 6 or 8 small doses which I gave to my son. As expected it did not last very long and took about 8 weeks to arrive from the time I ordered it so I was hesitant to reorder. It is costly when you reorder but I am more concerned about helping my son than the cost. Because it was such a small dose we did not see any significant results. I do have him on Royal Jelly capsules and feel that there is definitely something about this that gives him good energy and strength. I have read good things about the Nectar T but do not know anyone who has used it and can speak to its actual effects.
Sorry not more helpful.
I am also researching "Nectar T" treatment for my son, 12 years old & diagnosed at age 5 1/2. I have belonged to "Royal Cells Institute" for some time now. On January 25, 2010, they made yet another announcement about "Nectar T". They have done extensive research on this treatment. Their website is completely authentic, it is: www.musculardystrophy.gr When you go to this website, you have many choices about what you would like to know about Nectar T. This is the only site I look to for information on Nectar T & I find it very helpful. Jamie M.
Hey Chelsea,

I know that a large composition of the Nectar T is "royal jelly". Could you tell me where you purchased Royal Jell capsules. If you like, read my other comment about "Nectar T" & The Royal Cells Institute. The Institute is an invaluable source of information about Nectar T treatment. I plan to start my son, Gabriel on this. The only thing is, I cannot find where to order the Nectar T from. Can you help me?? Jamie M.


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