I am a single mom of an 11 year old boy. He has recently gotten his first electric chair. All 300 lbs of it. We live in TN and are looking for a van to transport the chair. However, I have not been able to find one within my price range. Any suggestions on an affordable to transport the chair. Are there any agencies that help with such purchases.

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Hi Heather, Unfortunately, if your son needed a van for employment, Dept of Rehabilitation has had funds available in the past. Since he's 11, that doesn't help. Private insurance doesn't help either. You can find some used, often low mileage ramp vans through the Disabled Dealer. They have a website and regional publications, similar to Auto Trader. Also, you can look online for a city close to you that has an adaptive van dealership. They usually have a listing or contacts where you can get info about used ramp vans; often they are trade ins for new ones.

My sons and I have purchased 3 vans over the years: funding for one was mandated by the judge during our divorce...to make sure that we had transportation that would accommodate the electric wheelchairs of both of my sons. The funds for the second one also were determined by the judge again, so BOTH of us shared the costs. The current van was a demonstration van...one year old but never been owned; same warranty as a new van. I decided to sell my car, so I drive this one to work. I got a really good deal with this one.

Good news...modification expenses are medically related with a doctor's note. Helps with taxes. Other people have help fundraisers to help pay for the van, because of the lack of available funding.
I have some sources in California & Pennsylvania, but not in TN.
Good luck, Laurie


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