My son Skyler, 5 is going in for three big fillings soon. He is also on Deflazacort. His pediatric dental specialist wants to sedate Skyler with an oral sedation first (Demerol?), then freeze the site with regular novocaine type injection, as well as use nitrous oxide/ oxygen through the procedure.
He is a highly skilled and recognized professional, but I know that Deflazacort has some potential adverse interreactions with some anesthetics, especially one called Succinocholine(sp?)
I habve spoken to his NM Doctor and also the dentist, but I am looking for some other real input as well on this matter.
Has anyone had any experience or know more about adverse interreactions with Deflazacort or generally with young boys with DMD?

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you are absolutely right that succinylcholine is not recommended to be used on anyone with DMD.

There is an excellent paper that outlines the protocol for anesthesia for DMD patients:

JASON HAYES, F. V. B. B. (2008) Duchenne muscular dystrophy: an old anesthesia problem revisited. Pediatric Anesthesia, 18, 100-106.

It goes through a lot of the problems associated with different drugs and inhalents. (as deflazcourt in not the only reason to exercise caution during surgery) and covers boys of all ages and the associated risks.

Hope that helps,


Thank you....I just found that Jason Hayes article...will read...




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