We recently took our son to Cincinnati for the first time. When we were meeting with the PT, she suggested serial casting to help Brayden gain more range of motion in his heel cords. Dr. Wong said that sounded good so they gave us the prescription and told us in the next couple of months. After seeing Brayden's Water Therapist and PT, they both are not on the same page. Has anyone had any experience with Serial Casting? He is 7.5 and his range of motion isn't AWFUL, but it could be better.

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My son Sam also see Dr. Wong.  He had serial casting when he was 6 and is now almost 10.  Sam's heel chords have always been extremely tight.  At 6 he was 5 degrees off of 90 on one foot and 15 degrees off on the other.  We were able to get him slightly past 90 on both feet with serial casting.  He was able to maintain 90 (the best we can get for Sam since he is so tight) for several years.  I have also noticed that he gets tighter when he hits a growth spurt, but I can usually getting him back to 90 with consistent stretching.  We had a good experience with serial casting and I would do it again.  We live near Dallas and I called and "interviewed" someone local before we had the casting done.  They had never casted a Duchenne boy before but were willing to listen to me and did a great job. It takes a while to get started, but then goes pretty quick after they are casted.  Our first visit was a consultation, our second they casted foot plates to go in the bottom of the casts (these helped keep Sam from twisting out of the stretch and provided a more stable base) , and our third visit they finally casted Sam.  I had them do the 15 degree foot only the first week to see how he would tolerate the casts.  Sam did great so we casted both feet the next week.  Since one cast had to be on 4 weeks and the other 3 we were able to get both casts off at the same time.  They also used flexible casting material so we could massage Sam's calves if he got a cramp.  He did quite well and was not too uncomfortable.  Is your son still mobile and pretty strong?  The PTs cautioned us that it was better to do serial casting while the boys were still stronger because it would be easier than waiting until later.  I hope this helps.  I am happy to answer any questions that you have.

Wendy our Son Anthony who is 6 with DMD  had serial casting done last year. give me a call and I'll fill you in.

Michael and Jennifer 586-944-1162

Thank you for your input!  This is definitely one of those situations where you have to make the decision on your own!  I can't even trust my gut right now because it is in knots from worrying that we will make the wrong decision.  Jennifer, I will try to give you a call tomorrow!  I have a few busy days ahead, but I will try!  I would love to hear your experience!


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