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Several years ago when I had a non-profit organization for muscular dystrophy awareness, we did a cookbook to raise money for it. We did pretty good.

This year for the Alumni Association I am running we are doing a Vegetarian Cookbook. It is going to the publisher this week. It will have about 600 recipes and a 3 ring binder hard back (padded) with lots of goodies inside. It is part of our fundraiser for the Association. I am working with one of the best publishers.

However, for some time I have wanted to do one for PPMD. I think we can do this together as a group. It will be very easy. We can enter our recipes onto an online recipe database. Anyone can go in and put their recipes for any of the categories- unlimited recipes. The cost of the cookbook is based on how many recipes are in the cookbook. PPMD is a non-profit and because of this, we have a 90 day credit (up to 90 days to pay the publisher back). That is not the hard part, because I'm more than sure we can seel the cookbooks with no problem. We can even get an ISBN# on it to sell in stores.

My cookbook for the Association will be out by this Thanksgiving. I am also involved with another cookbook for Aikdo Meadows, another non-profit (for domestic abuse) that I run with a good friend.that will be out this spring.

Before we get started on this, I like to do a quick survey to see how many people would like to be part of this. Be part of a team to make sure this does succeed. We can begin this process right away or we can begin after the holidays.

Would you like to join me? We would need a Chariperson and a few on the committee. Let me knwo what you think!


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No one else responded to it ...so I'm not sure where to go from here. I think I'm just going to take the initiative and get it started and hope a few mom's (and/or dad's) here will want to jump in as "committee" memebers. Right now, we need to just start collecting recipes to get that going. I will post a new disucssion up in regards to it. Dee

Susan Rathfelder said:

You can just leave the time as is for now. I am not set up on skype and don't know if I can get it set up by then. I would need my husband's help and he is really busy right now. I still need to buy a camera/microphone also.

I would like to have at least 4-6 more mom's or grandmother's (or even dad's) as part of the committee. People who are good with cookbooks, but at the same time good with finding sponsors, who can find personal stories of boys & girls with DMD, and overall help recruit recipes. I'm going to leave it with 1 or 2 mom's to help with the daily nutrition for the kids too as part of the personal pages.

Things to consider:

The plan is that few of the personal pages will be on the history of PPMD & Annual Fundraising events, Not just a list but like a nice full page of each of the events (with no specific dates) but with links to the webpage of the event.

If we do personal stories of boys/girls of DMD/BMD we need to decide to use photos or art ...and consider the cost for this, which is really not alot but is part of the cost to put the cookbook together.

I know there was a concern of discussing or adding the Nutrition facts as well...which definitly should be in there.

Do we want this to be more of a kids cookbook and what they like to eat or do we want this to be a general cookbook. I say both... but what do YOU think? It is easy to create a category for the Kids Favorites.?

Do we want our names shown as contribuotors or leave that blank? We can also let them put their names there and take it off later and create a personal page to Acknowlege those who contributed wit names.

Sponsors...who would we like to sponsor our cookbook? or do we?

Do we want the front cover /dividers custom made by an artist amongst us or use thier deisgns?

How about the name of the cookbook. Do we want to create a unique name? We did a contest of it on my HS alumni and the name picked won a FREEE COOKBOOK.

I think for now I'm going to stick with Morris Press Cookbooks. I am more familar with them and their quiality of work seems more professional too. If anyone objects to this, please let me know.

You may email me at deebird611@cox.net if you like.

Thank you for your support!
Our goals:

1 .... is to collect recipes- or at least begin that process (deadline to collect: 2/1/10.

2 ... is to find a good name for the cookbook so that PPMD can help us start promoting the cookbook (deadline: 12/15/09).

3. ...is to start searching for sponsors (deadline: 1/15/10),

4....is to begin collecting stories from families (320 words or 38 lines) of boys/girls with DMD (or/and young men & women)...with their photos or art.(deadline: 2/1/10)

5....Obtain an ISBN# / Copyright (in order to sell in Stores). (deadline: 1/15/10)

Does this sound reasonable?


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