I am searching for families that have deletion of exons 5-7 or patients with any other mutation for which skipping of exon 8 would be good.

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My boys and my deletion is 3-7. They are doing really well. Calvin will be 13 this year and is still walking well.
I have a group on here call Exon Deletion 3-7, we would love for you to join. Have you heard of any activity on the skipping of exon 8. I believe Steve Wilton in Austrialia was looking at this.


Sorry for the late answer. It would be great If I could join to your group. Where I can find it?
I don't know in which stage the research of Steve Wilton is. But I have spoken with Annemieke Aartsma-Rus from the Netherlands, they are doing the O-methyl AON-s. She told me that the AON for exon 8 is the 9th in their list. That means that the company Prosensa will produce and test it only after 8 other AONs for other mutations. But she also told me, that after the clinical trial of AON for exon 51 they, maybe will share the exons with AVI Biopharma (which produce the morpholinos) and will focus on different exons. And in this way they can speed up things. But the problem is also the money, because Prosensa has now money just for two more exons. :-( That's what I know about skipping of exon 8.


Hi Andrea,

My son Ryan (4 years old) has recently been diagnosed with DMD and just this week the DNA tests showed that he has deletion of exons 5-7. 

Have you had any luck finding other families with boys having this deletion? 




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