We had a visit with an Endocrinologist last week and found out today that Jacob's TSH level is low. We found out through our neurologist's nurse as we haven't had our follow up with the Endo yet.

I have read (tonight) that steriods can affect the thyroid. So I wonder why this wasn't checked before, especially given my son's small size? Oh, well, that is neither here nor there at this time. Just find it a bit frustrating at times. Better wait to see what the Endo has to say and what she recommends.

Just wondering if anyone else has had thyrod issues?

Also wondering if anyone in Canada is on HGH? Our Endo said "no".


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Yes this is our case as well. Our sons age 5 is taking prednison and even pefore his throid had promlems now its worsen. We are going to see the Endo Dr. soon.




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