Did everyone get the latest PPMD advocacy update Ryan? We need to act on this now.

Ryan's e-mail showed 100 sign on's from the House side. Twelve of the sign on's are from California. Check Ryan's e-mail to see if you’re Representative has signed on. You can also go to the Thomas library to check for signatures and updates yourself. If is not always updated immediately. My understanding a staffer will take the information to the proper place so it is recorded and it may post a couple of days or so after the office has said they would sign on.

You can see the status of a bill by going to the link below:

The bill for the House members is H.R.5265

If your member has not signed on, give them a call to request their support.

If you want more information on how to feel comfortable about this whole process post your questions here. We can all help one another get familiar with the process so we gain more support on this very important bill. Ryan is another great source of support. PPMD is working with Cornerstone, a lobbyist group. They will also help you. You can go to the Advocacy section for details about them.

Our California Senators are supporting the MD Care Re-authorization Act.

We still have more to do in CA to gain support for this bill. We can do this as a community!

Rep Anna Eschoo is on the Energy and Commerce community and has not signed on. Her office is one that California parents visited in February to ask for support. Last time I called the office they had a change over in staff personnel and there was going to be a new Legislative Health Aid. It has been a while since I called this office.

Please take a look at make sure that your representative has signed on to the Re-Authorization Bill, H.R.5265. If your representative has signed send them a thank you for their support. If you have not seen their name on Thomas library link then call to get support.

As a community we can make a difference, stand united and gain support for our children! We are making a difference!!

All the best!

Sacramento, CA

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Thanks Patty!

I received the MDA thingy...boy was I steamed!! Like you, I can see them taking credit without mentioning PPMD or Pat. I will contact them too and thank them for their assistance with PPMD's hardworking efforts but please don't forget to give credit where credit is due. Do they think we don't notice?!?


Yes, Doris Matsui signed and always does. She is my Rep too!

Politics plays an important role in every day life and in our situation there are some important bills we need to be sure and support. It is hard to keep up on everything with politics. However, we can help each other to make positive changes for our families!

You take care there,

Hi Everybody...I got the MDA letter also. Wasn't there an MDA person at our training session in Washington DC that first afternoon of our trip? I'm sure MDA plans on taking credit for any success! I'm still working on my rep, he's very tough (Drier). Take care, enjoy the HEAT WAVE! Yeah, California!!!

Patty, that is very nice.

On my page, i call myself a "Smack Talker". But, are good, you.

I hope she feels what you are telling her and doesn't try to smack back or come up with excuses...nice touch on the timing of both memos in one envelope....

i luv it!

good job

Hope all is well. I am so excited the House member list is is going with signatures! We have some California ones who recently signed! My sister's rep finally signed!!! Let's see that took from the time we visited DC in February.....perhaps the call to say we were going to his town hall meeting to ask for a signature he finally got the message communicated to him or something.

We still have signatures to go and we have some major sign ons., Ana Eschoo!

Good job everyone! Let's keep up the work and share if there is an office anyone needs help to gain the support. Ask questions here if you want to gain more information to get your member's attention. We always want to be nice and make friends when talking the our Reps offices. We are here to support one another. I have to say we have some strong advocates from the California group on this board and they are more then willing to help anyone who has questions so you can help can support from your member. Don't be afraid to ask, we are all a team here.

All the best everyone!


I just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing on getting support for the MD Care re-authorization bill, HR 5265. Beth and Susan have had success. Their Representatives are expected to sign on when congress comes back from recess.

Did anyone get a chance to see Nancey Pelosi during her book signing? I thought that was pretty awesome and quick thinking for Keith to meet with her during book signing. Keith is from Michigan and really has been pushing hard.

We really need to push hard to get as many signatures as possible. This is a tough year in congress and the efforts we put forth here can help our children now. We need to push for our children, if we don't who will?

I hope everyone is well.

Let us know how it is going for you on getting the MD Care bill supported. We may live in California but we can also enlist the help of relatives out of state as well.

Take care,

I just wanted to share that I received a personal letter from my house rep (Elton Gallegly) yesterday letting me know that he had signed on to HR 5265. I met with him in August, and he promised he would sign on as soon as the house was back in session. It's nice to know there are politicians out there who still keep their promises! When I met with him, he thanked me for reminding him about the bill. He thought he had already signed on, and he said that so many bills come across his desk that he really appreciates it when a constituent lets him know about the ones that need his attention. So the moral is, bring it to your congressman's attention--they may be more than willing to sign and may not know if they haven't!


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