OK, all... remeber that I am originally from Cali, Ventura to be exact..moved to Arkansas after I got married then 10 years later landed in West TN. Hold on, I was just giving you the background for WHY I was in Cali the past 10 days.

More than half of my family still lives there, most in the Porterville area ( YIKES I know, but they are not actually in Porterville) Anyway, we flew from Memphis to Houston then on to LAX. Let me just say how WONDERFULL Continential ( SP?) was! Even though my son can still walk, we took the wheelchair because he cannot walk all around the airport fast enough to catch the next flight, AND of course we will need it for things like Disnyland ect... The airlines didn't make him take off his braces, just had him go to the side and " wand" him.

OK, so we had excellent service through the airlines... that was good. People were exceptionally nice ect. OK, then we have the golden gate bridge that we pushed him accross...wanted to get the T-Shirt that says " I walked the Golden Gate Bridge" and one for him that says " I rolled the Golden Gate Bridge". LOL, I will make him one.
Anyway, found all handi- accessible areas, even rode the ferry, all with no problems.

Next was a trip up the coast to Crescent City. Walking in the sand was not soo good. Hard wet sand was fine, but the dry hot....not soo much. Fell, pulled a groin muscle, no fun..but , lots of cool pics, shells, ect.

Then a big highlight of the trip was the redwoods. This was absolutley beautiful!!! Trails, were somewhat wheelchari accessible, but all in all, great time there!

OK, then on to my parents house, swimming pool not ready yet, very sad because it was around 115 deg. YIKES!! After some travels throughout that area, then on to Disneyland. Let me just say that it wasn't as hot as it could have been but it still was hot. Disney staff were all very nice and accomodating, easy to get on most rides. VERY hard to get on ones that the car keeps moving and you have to climb in...I don't advise this for anyone with our issues..you can see me now, not a pretty picture. I will say that the quickest ride that you can get on is Pirates of the Carib...we rode this 3 times without having to get off. Yeah!!! Only 1 ride that was not handi accessible, Nemo submarine ride, you have to go down stairs...we obviously didn't do this. Most rides you can get on through the exit. OH, I would never recommend the Tower of Terror for ANYONE, I thought my life was over!! Seriously, that was one heck of a ride, and after this my son complained of his chest hurting. Not good!! So, FYI, don't do it!!

So, there is my trip in a nutshell. I hope to post a few pic's soon. Well, just thought i would tell you about my trip!

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Sounds like a busy, but good trip...other than the pool not being ready at the grandparents house. We visited my mom's house in Oregon back in June and nothing is worse than warm/hot weather and a pool that is sitting there dirty...especially when your son is itching to jump in.

As for Disney, Micah (7) has to hit the "Elevator Fast" (Tower of Terror) first then the "River Fast" (CA River Raft). After that, we have to leave CA Adventure and go to D-land so he can ride in this order:

1st: Snow Fast (Matterhorn) Can you see he has his own names for the rides?
2nd: Big Splash (Splash Mountain)
3rd: Train Fast (Thunder Mountain)
4th: Dark Fast (Space Mountain)

After that, we can go on Pirates of the Caribbean and whatever else that interests his younger sister.

He may be tall enough for California Screamin now (who knows what he'll call this...maybe "Loop Fast"?) and Indiana Jones, so these will be inserted into his "Ride Schedule".

Oh, and yes, having him on his power scooter is great because we all get to enter through the exits and get through all these rides in less than 3 hours.
Brave little guy, how could ANYONE love the " Elevator Fast" ride???? YIKES!!

I should have conferred with Micah before going to Disney.. he could have given me the order in which to go by..:) My youngest son ( 6) tried to get on the Indiana Jones ride, he met the height requirments at the begining of the line, but by the time we got to the end, he was just a few hairs short and they wouldn't let him go on it. very sad :(

Space mountain was too dang funny. This was Christian's first ride, screamed bloody murder the ENTIRE ride, the picture that was taken was PRICELESS!! I have to scan it and post it, it was just too funny not to buy!


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