First, our online chat with Annemieka Aarstma-Rus, registered in PPMD community events. Full info ...

The big event - our Sydney Blueball launch concert and family fun day. You'd have to be a "Goomba" to miss it! Bananas in PJ's and much more...

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Well, I think that event with about a dozen parents from Oz and USA went pretty well. Annemieka's slide show and her different analogies helped us to see more clearly the process of exon skipping. Hold onto your hats because Annemieka has agreed to do another chat event with us before Christmas. It will be about many other research approaches outside of genetic bandaids and guarantees to be very lucid. We might make it later in Oz so it is not so early in the day for folks in USA. It will be middle of the day for Europeans too.
Next time we have to be more vocal and voice our questions to Annemieka because for some reason we just tended to type them even though we knew she would answer orally...we are learning!
Check out our upcoming face-to-face events in Sydney on the main events page of DMD Community. Only a week to go to our blueball launch and conference planning is going nicely for Feb 26-27 national conference - Towards a Brighter Future. Twitter updates are a good way to keep up with news about the conference.
A Monster event coming up near Sydney October 24th at Heathcote - on a Sunday - the BlueBall Charity Car Show - it sounds like a big one.

Visit our event in the main PPMD Community Events Register or go direct to the Car Show Website to learn more. If you live nearby and can possibly go, you should! It will raise a lot of awareness in the motoring community. Thank you Andrew, Thank you James for all your work.


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