ok well we are having issues at school this year, we moved to a different school district the beginning of this school year, my son is in 4th grade, and i know in this grade the work load gets a little more, and i want him to learn the material, and i agree with homework but... his homework is mainly writing repeadely, and when he writes i can see the fatigue and have to give him tylenol for cramps in his hands, they actually turn red, then when he does get the work done they erased it not because it was wrong but because he got it done early. so he had to redo it. he felt like he was getting punished, then he keeps getting marked down because his letters look like capitol letters. and this is the special education class. then the other issue is they keep sending me letters in reading saying that he needs to pay attention when they are reading to him so he can pass the test following, but he is being attentive he just doesn't do well with remembering what was just in the story so he fails the test. he seems to have all the mental issues potential for duchenne. i gave them the education matters book, and have gone in and sent notes but still same issues. the MDA office said they would happily come to an iep meeting and anything we need to help, but i do not know what specifically we should add to iep. am i being over protective?

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My son has it in his IEP that he is to do writing only to the extent that he shows content knowledge and that I can write for him if his hands get tired at home.  There are also well documented research papers (one in particular you can find on this site by James Poyski) that talk about short term memory issues with DMD boys. This certainly would affect his comprehensino and reading abilities.  If they don' t like the way he writes, are they willing to provide OT services?  If not, they should not be taking off for his writing skills as the lack of doing it 'their way' is not being addressed by the school system.

Have you spoken with other parents in your area (if their are any) about accomodations the schools have given their students? 

Good luck!

Sara,  Lori has some great suggestions.  My son is only 6.5 and he cannot keep up with the writing in first grade. The IEP requires that he is not to be required to write beyond showing he understands the material.  In fact, he is not really required to write whenever he has someone who can scribe the answers. I've been stomping my feet about getting him on a computer and no timed testing.  It's taken some doing, but we are there. However, he needs sensory breaks too because of the fatigue.  There is absolutely no need to require handwriting neatness for our boys.

Hang in there. 

We asked (and now the teachers added it to his IEP, since it worked out so well) if our son could dictate some of his assignments, either directly into a recorder, or for me or his school aid to type it out. They just ask to see his rough copy or preparatory notes to make sure he did the work. This year he is working on his own keyboarding and navigation skills with the help of a few very caring teachers.

We don't have the software yet, but have been in discussions about getting one of those voice recognition programs that would write for him what he dictates, and would suggest spelling corrections, etc, to help with dyslexia. Seems, however, that the primary school is just going to pass this off on the high school, since Simon is in his last year of elementary.

They gave him a Mac for his school and personal use 3 yrs ago, but instead of having any useful learning tools on it, the thing is loaded with stuff like Garage Band!

Don't give up, and no you are not just being over-protective to want to avoid 'cruel and unusual punishment', because that is what it feels like for these poor kids. Sight impaired children would be given the proper equipment and tools for their disability, so why not this?

Good luck and all the best,


thank you very much, i wish they would let him use the computer more for stuff, but they told me they aren't doing much with computers only for older kids with ot, my sisters got him a kindle fire for help with reading and does help, but not the writing part. how did you get them to get a computer?

This is so very infuriating to me.  I cannot believe that in today's world schools are still lacking behind in providing assistance for kids with disabilities. 

I meet yearly for Nicolas' IEP meetings, and I am very lucky to have a very receptive school.  This wasn't the case at first, and I had to be a little tough, but by the middle of first grade, the whole school knew us and knew that I was going to utilize the services that are supposed to be offered and not waiver.  Nicolas is now in 3rd grade and when it comes to lengthy tests, the school will provide a scribe for him.  He will be taking the ISATs this year, and they already have someone who will be reading him the questions, or he will be reading them himself, and then he will tell the scribe what to write.  They also understand the need for computers now and in the future.  I have him do book reports on the computer at home and email them to his teacher.  they are not drilling him so hard to learn cursive.  And when he gets tired from homework at home, I will write his answers for him, and write a note to the teacher that he was too tired to write, but gave me the answers to write for him.  You may want to ask your son's teacher if this is acceptable.  come to think of it, I never asked, I just did it and they accepted it.  I'm not doing his homework for him, but know that his hands tire, and I will take over at that time. 

Now it seems we all work together and I don't have to fight for him at school.  They just understand.  We also have a County special education program, and they come to the school regularly and contact me to see if I need anything.  In fact, when the school said that they can't provide physical therapy for Nicolas, because the PT said that their goal would be to have him catch up with other students, and since that wouldn't be the case here - it would just be stretching - that they couldn't provide this for him.  The County Co-Op, contacted me and they will be providing PT stretches for Nicolas and will show his aid how to perform them so they can be done at gym or recess during the week.  If you have a County program, you may want to get in touch with them.  they are supposed to work with the schools, and the schools are supposed to WORK WITH THEM, and have them at IEP meetings.

I wish you the best of luck. 

My son is in 3rd grade, and it is written in his IEP that he may dictate his writing assignments to me, and he has an aide in his classroom that will write for him.    He is also learning to use an app on the school provided iPad that is similar to autocorrect.  We have found that he writes better early in the day. 

My son is in 9 th grade. He started using iPad and it helps.

But more importantly his iep states that his aide can write out his math problems as he dictates. Math is hard this way but he has adapted. Now he can move fast enough and get nearly all hours work done in class. Before we had so much homework!

Hello David,At my son's school they do not use computers,do you think an ipad would come in handy in a situation like this where teachers use a chalk and a blackboard only?My son is in grade four and we are experiencing almost all the problems mentioned here.Lots of classwork has to be completed at home,then the day's homework and i really feel bad for my son having to tire so much,but i stick with him,write the questions as he fills in the answers and the tuck him to bed.Education is had enough under normal circumstances for kids,with dmd it is worse.


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