Winter footwear for mobile 10 year old in northern Minnesota -- brrrr!

My son is 10 and still walking.  We're having trouble finding appropriate boots for this winter season and wondered if anyone has any thoughts.  We had a pair of kids' Steger Mukluks last year (thank you, thrift store!) but they've grown worn and are getting too small.  I considered forking over the $140ish it would take to replace them with new, but part of the issue with fitting is that the boots are getting too tight around his calves.  

Anyone know of another brand which would be lighter than the typical clunky boot?  I considered the crocs line, but they don't promise a lot of warmth and we need that here!


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I checked out he weight of CROCS with that of TIMBERLAND. There was hardly a 40 gm difference when timberland boots weigh 360gms CROCS boots were lighter by 30 gms.


Given the padding in the TImberland boot and that it was a bit firmer giving better support, I went with TImberland. The sole in Timberland also have more grip than in crocs which are practically smooth on the sole





A few years ago we got a pair of light weight hiking boots for our son from Lands End. They were fairly light and were more of a mid-high top instead of a full high top. They still gave him good ankle support, kept his toes from dropping but didn't come up so high on the calves. I don't know if they still carry something similar. I believe we bought them in a Sears store instead of online.

Where in No. Minn are you? My dad grew up in Kelliher and I have been there a few times.


Susan, I'm in a town not much bigger than Kelliher about 120 miles east and a smidge south.  If my memory isn't failing me, I think our high school football team used to play Kelliher's when I was a teen.  :)

Thank you to both of you for the replies.  Until I ran into the issue it didn't occur to me that choosing boots might be more problematic for boys with DMD too.  Little challenges pop up everywhere!

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