My husband and I have always been TOTALLY against video games. We have both been very outdoorsy our whole lives, having been brought up on the beaches of Sydney. However, here in England, winters are long and arduous, so I am struggling to keep my kids amused when stuck indoors for long periods of time. We have been housebound since Sunday after snow hit England and brought the city to a complete standstill. So I am after something to keep the kids interested and active at the same time.

Does anyone have Wii Fit or Wii Sports? What experience does anyone have with these systems and which is the best value for money and can help achieve my goal of keeping my kids active indoors? James (with DMD) is almost 5 and Charlyse is almost 4. Plus, it would be a great way to stop my husband and I from being too idle.

Any thoughts would be great!

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We have the Wii and Wii Fit. We love it. It is a great way to stay active. I have never been into video games but this is really different. And there is something for everyone. Plus the boys get to do thing they can't do otherwise like skiing. We just got my husbands sisters into it too. They got them for their houses and now we can play some games together online.
We have both and love it. The Wii Fit has great ways to help with core muscle strength. I love the exercises on it. Xavier is 7, Erica is 4 and both kids do great with it. You can't play a Wii game sitting down for sure!
Okay, I have just ordered both Wii and Wii Fit - they get delivered in the next few days! They come with 55 games, but they are the standard ones, so I might start looking for some others as well. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your responses so far, I don't think I have heard a single bad thing about Wii from anyone (and I have now asked a lot of people from all different walks of life), which is surprising since I know many people loathe video games (like myself and Julian), but absolutely LOVE Wii!
My daughter loves the Disney princess game (she is about the same age as your daughter, just turned 4), can't say your son will get much from it but it is fun for the little girls (and it's really fun to watch Daddy play with her waving the magic wand and twirling around the room!)
We have the Wii w/the Wii Fit. you will love it! Seph (mine with DMD) loves teh games that comes with the fit. We also have spongebob and speed racer for him. He really does best on the Wii Fit and it is more full bodied than the Wii sports, but we like it as well....especially Ski jumping!!! Enjoy!

Jennifer Shumsky said:
My daughter loves the Disney princess game (she is about the same age as your daughter, just turned 4), can't say your son will get much from it but it is fun for the little girls (and it's really fun to watch Daddy play with her waving the magic wand and twirling around the room!)
Wii Fit is more physical - tired my son out pretty easily.
Kian loves the Wii sports, esp boxing and Mario cart. Great for our guys.

Kelvin loves Mario Cart. Ok, so do I. Shoot, we all fight for who gets to race next. I currently only have 2 sets of remotes. We also like Summer Sports Paradise Island, which has horse shoes, lawn darts, putt putt, etc. It is fun. Bowling that comes with it is great as well. Michelle
We resisted buying a Wii because they are so physical. Strangely enough my parents bought one for their house (mum loves ten pin bowling) so of course Mitch wanted to have a go.

I was really sceptical and worried that it would highlight to him just what he was now unable to do (he only has limited hand movement, and can "lift" his arm about 2" off his lap with some effort.......)

We were absolutely amazed to watch him play the Wii - he whoops our butts at golf and baseball, as he has worked out that if you hold the controller different ways, it only takes a flick to make your Mii hit the ball, or pitch etc. Sometimes the controller has to face him, sometimes it has to be sideways, but he has worked out everything, including screw balls and curve balls.

We still keep our eye on how long he plays, as he does enjoy it so much he will push himself to the limit (and beyond) but I have also come to realise that I would rather he have fun, than be wrapped up in cotton wool and not allowed to live a little. If we can't have him here for a long time, I'm certainly going to make sure what we have are good times......

We bought mum and dad Carnival games, and that is an absolute hoot, as it is just like the fair...... and once again, we get a royal butt whooping from Mitch as a lot of those games are about placement rather than strength.......For dads birthday next month we have bought him the Mario Olympic games, and it looks to be great too - something for everyone.

So enjoy the Wii, and who knows, maybe we'll all have to hook up for an online game at sometime!
My thought is we all need to hook up for some PPMD tournaments sometime! We also have Mario Kart as a family Favorite!
thanks for starting this discussion. I am just thinking about gettin a Wii and was baffled by all the options and packages available... until now!
We haven't bought one yet, but Joshua's physiotherapist and respirologist both said that a WII is the best form of exercise because it has the least amount of impact but still strengthens and uses energy.


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