What do you do? My son is in second grade and the elevator broke yesterday. There are two flights of stairs he must go up in down about 4 times (8 up and down) He can still do stairs and happy about that but I know stairs are not the best for our little guys...any suggestions?

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the school should have a plan, it is not good for him to do the stairs at all....they need to use an evacuation chair, and the elevator needs to be repaired or they have to move all of his classes to him, on the ground floor.
This is the school's issue and should have a back up plan for your son. Definitely not your responsibility and you should address this with the school.... they may have to keep him on one floor while others are going from class to class until the elevator is repaired.... OR they should just have the freakin elevator repaired immediately so as not to oust your son. Talk to the school about it and let them know that there is no other alternative for your son BUT to take an elevator - stairs are ridiculous, and even if they have a helper who can pull a wheelchair up and down the stairs, this becomes dangerous for your son in case something happens and the helper accidentally lets go!!! There is no other solution but for your son to be accommodated by the school since the school's accommodations broke down. They need to be there for him and you!!
I'd find out how long it's going to be before its fixed. If it's only a couple days then I'd let him do the stairs if he's able.
This has happened many times at Justins school. They are always right on top of getting the elevator fixed. Justin is in a chair full time, so its different for us. We have Justin in a room in the offices downstairs for any classes that he cant get to. The speaker phone is used so he can hear the class and the class can hear him and his work is brought down to him. Its just like he is in the classroom.

Thanks everyone! First time for everything. The elevator is fixed but now know I need to be prepared for the unexpected!

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