We are in the process of deciding if and when to start steroids. I need information, studies, oppinions etc. that will inform us on the differences between the two drugs and if those differences are significant. Besides maintaining strength, does pregnisone or deflazacort offer any other benefits? At what point do you start steroids? Are there any guidlines when to start them? My son is 4, and was diagnosed in April 2008, I just want to make sure I have the right information before making this difficult decision. Any comments, thoughts, opinions or answers to my questions are truly appreciated. I could really use some guidance.

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hi there my son is on prednisone he has been on them now for 3 years. he is now 7 we did try him on deflazacort but they dident suit him he change from bing mooded then next min he would be in floods of tears.

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