I see that a lotof parents from the est coast take their kids to cinccinati to see Dr wong,why for ex .not chophiladelphia .What are the reasons?
Please ,I'm waiting for some answers from the people who can tell me the difference,please.
Thank you.

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I don't know where, but this is talked about and explained in many other posts. I can't really speak about what is different as she is the only doc I have been to, BUT, she is knowledgable, willing to try new things, proactivve, comprehensive adn just plain wonderful!
We are parents of a 4-year old who was just diagnosed. We are going to see Dr. Wong as soon as possible. We are in San Diego and it's very clear that there are no professionals with expertise in DMD. It seems most people who are involved in research and medical field direct us to Dr. Wong - - even the local muscle disease physicians and the UCLA DMD clinic. They are trying to replicate Dr. Wong's clinic as we speak, but that will be years down the road. I feel that seeking the experts for guidance and treatment is critical with illnesses that are as significant as DMD. Best. Wendy Bertellotti

I know Dr. Wong from the PPMD conferences. I think she has been attending for many years. We haven't gone to Cin. because we live so far away and I wanted someone closer. I think the main difference is that Dr. Wong has developed a "can do attitude" team who takes research to practice. You know when you go there you are getting top of the line care. Many other clinics, including mine, simply observe our son's degeneration and refer when it's time to monitor another area, such as pulmonary, spine, cardiology. I had to push hard to get a baseline on some of this stuff so we could tell if treatment was making a difference. I think Dr. Wong's clinic offers hope instead of resignation.

i really think that it is her compassion for trying to cure this not maintain it, or watch thisall happen but truely try to fight duchenne, really the whole team there is great and the fact that they are a full multi discipilinary md clinic, all the doctors there, Dr. Cripe (cardiology) is fantastic, Dr. Wong (neurology)there really are not words, Pulonimary, PT, OT, psychiatric,endocronology, nutritionist, genetic counselor, all wroking together as a team and all know what the other one is doing, instead of one doctor here, one somewhere else, and so on that don't know what the other is doing, and the non profit doctor is a plus, well the whole hospital there down to the nurses i have not found a bad one there yet, and Dr. wong is extremely knowlegeable about duchenne in all aspects, down to having a duchenne tounge,

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