I am giving my son Idebenone which is ordered online ,but I am tired of this process which can be complicated when it is out of stock,so I would like to know if COQ10 can be the right choice!

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We just returned from Cincinnati Childrens and we will be switching our 10-year-old son from idebenone to CoQ10.  Their position is there just isn't enough evidence of benefit of idebenone to justify the extra cost (and hassle).

They suggested 200mg per day of the Qunol brand of CoQ10.  I'm not trying to determine which form of CoQ10 is better - ubiquinol or ubiquinone.  From what I'm reading, it looks like ubiquinol is the better version, since it is more easily absorbed.

Not an expert.  Just relaying my understanding.  Hope this helps!

What is about to give idebenone and coq10?!
I would switch too... I am having problems ordering too. PPMD what does the science say?
In Germany we get it from a international pharmacy,it is from kirkmann.
My son gets coq10 and idebenone and his coq10 blood levels were constant1,47 to 2,31 since he get idebenone.

I'm giving my son Idebenone for 3 years which I buy from smart nutrition. I'm not sure, it is safe or not. Is there any info about Santhera's idebenone (Catena) which has positive result from ph3 trial. Are they applying for market approval?

Yes Catena is seeking approval but don't hold your breath.

Www.smartpowders.com has stock of idebenone again but limiting purchases to 5 bottles. I get the sense there is a supply problem.
How much idebenone should i give?!?max is four and i give him 300 mg in the Morning!
After there weeks he was more powerful and he runs better and going stairs was perfekt,since one week it is not so good äs it was.should i give him more?
I remember in the trial they get 900 mg per day!
Thanks Nadja

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