What is your 11 year old (or near that age) doing in P.E.?

Kevin stopped being up in March 2010. He is in a scooter and right now, transport chair at school.  His aide has him in transport chair at gym with seat belt and the is batting and participating more.  Any other suggestions for his aide (23 year old guy) and his gym teacher?  This is a boy who loves sports and was always playing (with cautiion) before stopping the walking.  Help!




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can he use his scooter in gym? austin is in a wheelchair (he is 11) and participates in everything in a modified way. he plays tag using a long pool noodle, soccer using a hockey stick etc. it is easier if your son can propel himself rather than tell someone where he wants to go.
My son Justin will be 9 i n January and somtimes he goes to gym, if they're doing something he could particpate alittle, but it got hard for the gym teacher to try to change things up for one child. Which I understood, there are 20 or so other kids in there too. Our school has a pool so Justin gets swim therapy 3 times a week, which he loves. It really blows my mind how he is able to walk in the pool and he swims really well. They also do bobs and he holds his breath under water for so long and I was told that it's good for lungs and chest muscles. And the swimming will count as his PE requirement. So you might want to check out some local pools. I hope this helps.
Take care, Heather
Kyle's 11 - he has gym next semester. We talked with the school about doing some PT during that time - haven't worked out the details yet.
Justin hated pe(even modified pe) by the end of his 6th grade year. He had an aide with him at all times, and they did fun things but he hated it. We took him out of pe completely. During pe time, he had pt three days a week and the other two days they let him play the Wii in the office.

Tanner uses a powerchair full time and does not have the strength in his arms to use equipment so his teacher usually designates him as the referee or scorekeeper to keep him involved, though it sounds like Kevin could be more involved.
There are lots of great ideas for modified activities in this guide:

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