Hello! My 8-year old son has wetting problems during the day. He has never wet his bed but sometimes has up to 3 accidents during the day. This is really impacting his social life at school. The doctors say that it is not related to DMD. Does anyone else have these problems? If so, have you found a solution?

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We had this problem with my non-DMD son. One of the issues was he was "full of poop". So we did a clean out with Miralax and then daily Miralax. That helped a bit, but not completely. And ultrasound showed his bladder was not fully emptying. He's now on daily medication, Ditropan XL. This has stopped the wetting completely. I highly recommend seeing a urologist.
My son has had problems with this as well. Much more so when he was younger though. He does still have nightime bedwetting and still has problems occasionally with "little" accidents during the day. We saw a urologist as well. He also said this was not DMD related. I question that as this seems like kind of a common thread that has come up on here time after time. The urologist prescribed Ditropan, which we used for awhile. We were also told in Cincinnati (Dr. Wongs group) that constipation would have a direct impact on this. Pressure from the bowel pressing on the bladder. My son started having constipation problems within the last 5 months or so. We are using daily Miralax. Your son is the same age as mine. I would be seeing if constipation is a problem and then seeing a urologist as well.
Even though my son (almost 4) is still potty training, we have noticed that he is more likely to have pee accidents when he shows signs of constipation. Once he is no longer constipated, the accidents do go away.

Of course, having him increase the frequency of when he goes even if he does not feel the need to go, may be of assistance. This may be something you are already advising. In my non-professional, humble opinion, only if medical reasons are truly ruled out, it may be wise to consider if it is an emotional reaction. Stress is often a factor in accidents.

Big hugs to your son!
Joshua is only 6 and he does have these issues as well. His doctor told us it is medication related. The prednisone / deflazacort is dehydrating and makes them thirsty and therefore make him drink more. It also causes water and sodium retention. We never keep him away from water or juice (his juice is 1/2 water). We make sure Joshua has access to a washroom close to his classroom and he goes to the washroom before and after he goes out for recess. We also send extra clothes with him at all times. He too does get constipated and we give him raw veggies and salad dressing before bed so in the morning he's on the toilet. It's worked so far... I hope it will for a while.

Hi, my son had similar issues, only he has accidents were at night. I began waking him up every 2 hrs. because he tried pull-ups and could not get comfortable so this was the only way to prevent accidents(exhausting). He was on prednisone and his dr. at the time said he had never heard of children having accidents w/dmd. Just one more reason I stopped seeing that guy-not very knowledgeable. Anyway, when we started to see Dr. Wong, she switched my son to Deflazacort. I realized my son was waking up if he had to urinate, I later found out that prednisone or steroids can smooth the bladder and this made it difficult for my son to feel the sensation of having to go. He is 12 now and the accidents started when he was about 9yrs. old but only when he was sleeping. He hasn' t had this problem in nearly a year and I believe it had a lot to do w/ the prednisone. Hope this helps, I know how frustrating it can be for the boys and parents.
I later found out that prednisone or steroids can smooth the bladder and this made it difficult for my son to feel the sensation of having to go.

I had never heard this before. Did you stop the steroids altogether or was it just switching to the deflazacort that stopped it?
Hi Laura,my name is Lisa I am having the same issues.
The doctor said it hasnt nothing to do with Md however
a friend of mine said she believes otherwise ,we are still looking into it
but for the moment we have started putting him into the pull up that looks like basic shorts.
He wears them at night but during the day I dont make him wear them instead I send
extra clothes to school. I realize it doesnt stop the issue but it helps until we can figure out what causes it.
We go back to the doctor on the 27th and ill keep you posted as to what we find out!
as I sit and read the other post I see we all have prednisone in common so I think I will bring that up at the doctors apt
My four year old has the same issues. Mostly mini-accidents, but some full blown accidents. He is four and not on steroids yet, but sometimes I think he gets so overly focused on whatever he's doing that he waits until it's too late. Most accidents are on the way to the potty! He also resists going to the bathroom on a regular basis, "I don't HAVE to go potty." He does not have night-time accidents. Cinci Children's told me the same thing about constipation--I guess we'll try more fluids and Miralax.

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