Just wanted to share this because it means so much to me and I think it is a great idea. Not just for DMD boys but for all our kids and us parents as well. My son’s teacher did not want Kenny wasting all of his energy on writing journal entries so she thought it would be a good idea to buy him a small voice recorder. At first he didn't want use it because he insisted on writing and swore, he was not tired. She convinced him that he wrote enough during class time, so he didn't need to do more at home. He finally agreed and started doing his voice journaling. He didn’t want to record in front of anyone including me so he would go outside, sit in the sun, and do his recordings. Those recordings are the most precious gifts a parent could ask for. He reported the current weather conditions, talked about his favorite hockey team, talked about what he did the day before. He just talked about whatever was on his mind. I hadn't listened to all of them as there are about two years worth of recordings. He didn’t want us to listen to them in front of him because it embarrassed him so we would sneak a listen whenever we could. It is such a blessing to have such a great gift and I am so grateful to that teacher whose idea made that gift possible. I will forever cherish the precious recordings that contain his precious voice, humor and a wise, brave soul. I would suggest a voice recorder for the whole family because one day those recording will mean the world to someone.

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That is wonderful! What a treasure to have!! I have to relate my own experience with this. About 6 months before my father died, because I knew he was going to die, I started saving all of his phone messages to me on my answering machine. Having no video of him, I knew this was going to be the only recording I would ever have of his voice. All of his messages started with "Hi Karen" and then went on to explain why he was calling. Funny thing is, my father bought me the answering machine a year before he passed. He was very frugal and never bought anyone anything out of the blue except for birthdays and X'Mas, so it was a surprise when he did it. I have since replaced the machine with a new one because the cordless phone that came with it stopped working but I will never throw it away. Every once and a while I take it out and listen to his messages. It is priceless and I am so glad to have them. I miss him and it is so comforting to hear his voice again.
I love this idea Mary...I wish I had done this while my kids were still small. I found a cassette tape the other day from when my daughter was little....we had given her a little tape recorder with a microphone for Christmas one year. There were just a couple of little snippets of her singing a song and giggling. Hearing her sweet little voice took me back. I urge you all to do this while they're still little and cute!

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