My son has been using BiPap ventilation at night for several years. He will be adding NIV throughout the day soon. Does anyone have any information about the pros and cons of a Trilogy 100 or an LTV 950 ventilator?


It appears to me that the benefit of the Trilogy over the LTV is that it can also be used as  BiPap. Kent is satisfied with his current Respironics BiPap. It would seem that having two machines would be good anyway in case of a mechanical failure. 


Kent is leaning toward the LTV 950 because it is thinner and would be easier to mount on his chair--at least from the pics we an find (thank you Ann for posting your son's awesome setup!). I think it can also be integrated into the chair's batteries.


This is new territory for us. Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge and experience with us!



Mom of Kent, DMDer, age 24


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My son has used the LTV 950 about 9 years now, but I guess you saw our photos. If you want any specific information we can give it. Yes, it hooks right up to a wheelchair's batteries using a voltage reducer. My husband is also a wheelchair repairman for a large vendor and has modified more than one "sip vent" setup. I am thrilled that many more are going to use laptop vents instead of having to wear a bi-pap mask night and day. Here is the video link I always use to show non-invasive techniques: Kippi--feel free to ask any questions. Okay, I am interested in what others use also when they find they have to use more and more breathing assistance. This is something you have to be pro-active on before an emergency trach is the only solution offered. Way to go Kent!
Thank you, Ann, for sharing the video. It was informative and encouraging, too! I know I will have many questions in the near future. Kent will be ordering a new chair (Permobile) in a couple of weeks. We thought that it would be important to order the necessary articulating arm, vent tray, etc. After looking at your pictures, I'm not sure we'll need those things, but will order them just in case. Right now, he uses an IPPB machine multiple times throughout the day and a BiPap at night. He is looking forward to being able to "sip" a breath at will.

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