My 5 year old grandson still cannot spit.  When he brushes his teeth, he can't spit out the toothpaste, so he still uses the infant toothpaste.  Also, if he puts too much food in his mouth, it is hard for him to get it out without the ability to spit.  He is constantly reminded to take small bites. 

No one seems to know too much about this problem.  My daughter brought up this concern in Cincinnati,  and also to his pediatrician, his occupational therapist and his dentist.  They all said to have him practice rolling water in his mouth and spitting it out, but so far this hasn't worked.  Did anyone ever experience this problem with their son? 

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A speech therapist may be able to identify exactly what is needed. They deal with these issues sometimes. Your grandson should be eligible for special preschool and/or kindergarten through your local school district Child Find. They may also be familiar with this issue and can provide therapy at no cost to you.



Our son Thomas (age 6) is not very good at spitting out liquids.  He also chokes/gags on food occasionally.  Seems to be either he has too much in his mouth - not waiting till he has finished what's already in there - or certain soft, chewy foods like hot dogs.
Your son sounds very much like my grandson.  I'm assuming this "spitting" problem is more than likely DMD related. 

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