My son has BMD and is 9 years old. He sometimes has trouble making it to the bathroom on time, and is wondering if anyone else has the same problem. I've never found anything about this in connection with DMD/BMD, so I wonder if it's just a personality thing -- he's too busy to go to the toilet. Does anyone else out there have this problem too? (It's not a mobility issue, he can get around fine. It just "doesn't give [him] enough warning".)

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No. Alex has the same issue, exacerbated by his tendency to stall. With steroids both tendencies get worse. If you search you'll see other threads here and at the old board on this. I don't think it affects every dmd boy, and I thought it was just Alex' personality until his doctor asked about urgent urination in one of his exams.
Yes, my son has this problem as well. He does not have any mobility issues either. It has gotten better with age and he is very good at controlling it at school. I was never sure if it was a physical problem or a mental one as he has some cognitive issues. It was a real challenge to potty train him and bedwetting is a problem still. I took him to a urologist and he said it was spastic bladder. Not sure on that one, as like I said, it may be more of a mental issue.
I noticed this once in a while with my son also( Definitely after starting steroids). I also noticed that if he is playing electronic games like DS etc, it seem to happen. May be because he is holding to stay with the game.
Especially when they are playing the video games! They start to get very figidy in their video chair and then bolt to the bathroom. So it is not like they are not getting any warnings (because they are figidy way before hand from them holding it in).
Oh yeah, the video games definatly lead to the leaks! My son is dancing in front of the playstation unable to tear himself away before he'll make the mad dash to the bathroom.
Thanks for your replies. I did try searching, but I guess I was using the wrong key words. Matthias has most of his trouble when he's on the computer too -- I guess he is so good at tuning things out, he doesn't even notice he's tuning out all his warnings. It sounds like it will get better with age.

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