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Thanks for posting this link Jason - Amazing news & reassuring progress!

update the original posted article took place in a Petri dish this new article used live mice.

update  used microRNAs not gene therapy. This is potentially a simpler method for a drug.

Hi Jason

How is the going,Sir.Just wondering,is it likely this approach may be used to reverse fibrosis in the skeletal muscles in the future?Could it be that fibrosis in muscle cells and the connective tissues (that replace the muscle in DMD cases) may one day be transformed be functioning muscle tissue through this technology in the future? Coz if so,then it looks like a great future we have coming up.



Hi Wainaina

 Just having this for the heart would be great for DMD. However, When I read these articles I was thinking the same thing you are.  I believe it is a strong possibility that similar methods can be used to reverse fibrosis in skeletal muscle in the future. Let's hope MDA and PPMD looks into this research.


Sure ,lets hope MDA and PPMD look in to it,My son,Kamau is 8 yrs old.We live in Nairobi city,Kenya in East Africa.Every school holiday he loves to spend entire time in my rural upcountry home with my mum ie his grandma.He has lots of buddies who love him even with his DMD,he cant move alot or do most of the things kids do.But he is always so excited as he narrates his adventures ,today we saw a squirrel's nest,we caught a big butterfly,grandma showed me how to milk the family cow,so and so fried us birds' eggs etc.Those small things that mean so much to him.Then yesterday night my mum called  and told me that my son can no longer get up from the floor by himself.Sorry for rumbling.Kind of feeling really low and sad right now.Anyway, lets pray and hope for all things good for our sons.

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