I'm new to life with a trach and am annoyed with the amount of mucus it creates and my constant need to spit and do suction. Does anyone else have these issues and if so have you found anything that helps- vent settings, medications, breathing/swallowing methods, etc.?


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Hi Marcus I'm 32 and I use a vent with a mouth-piece. The Doctor I go to has removed trach's in favior of using a month piece. His name Dr. John R. Bach check out his website http://www.doctorbach.com/  You may want to e-mail him bachjr@umdnj.edu he does answer e-mail. Good luck

My son also goes to Dr. Bach and just recently has started using a ventilator.  He uses the mouth-piece during the day, but at night he is suppose to use the full face mask.  However, we cannot figure out how he would call out to us when he needs us at night.  We use a baby monitor and he calls out when he needs to reposition during the night (about 2 times).  We cannot do this with the ventilator on because 1) we hear it and cannot sleep, and 2) our son cannot call out with the mask on.  We have tried a cordless doorbell, but our son's hands grip it too much and he keeps setting it off by accident.  Does anyone have any other recommendations and how our son can alert us at night and still use the ventilator?  Thanks.

Hi Beverly I use a bipap at night could not get use to ventilator sleeping.  Your son could tried a nasel mask(need to tape over vent in mask) and chin strap he should be able to call you with it on. Also, you could switch to a different ventilator thats much quiter. I was using the LTV Dr. Bach likes but could not take the noise I Use Respironice Trilogy 100 now.  Works the same and Doctor didn't mind. Hope this helps


Hi Jason,  unfortunately my son cannot breathe thru his nose so he cannot use the nasal mask.  That is why he has to use the full face mask.  We were undecided whether to start on ventilator or use Bi-pap.  Doctors have so many different opinions. .  It is nice to know you can use both.  That may be what we decide to do too. 

So, I'm still trying to figure out how our son can call out when using a full face mask.  Any other ideas?

Hi beverly maybe try a Wireless Remote Control Key finder I saw on amazon.com buttons look harder to trigger by accident.

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