Maybe someone here can help me.  My mom has a trach.  She has a lot of mucus that comes up and has to be suctioned all day and night.  can anyone here tell me (if their son if he has a trach) has the same problem?  She wont go out and doesn't know why its happening and how to control all the mucus.



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You should see Dr. John Bach his a big support of Noninvasive Ventilation.  He at UMDNJ-University Hospital in Newark, NJ.

Michelle -

This is Kathi from PPMD.  Has your mom discussed this with her pulmonologist?  What was their explanation?  Did they give her any suggestions?


No Kathi

They haven't been able to help her.  Her airway is recovering from having radiation and it is inflamed and has developed scar tissue.  The trach was put in because her air way is closed.

Michelle - 

I would call the ENT office at the institution where she had the airway put in, and ask to speak to their "airway team."  if they don't have one, ask who you should talk to about this problem.

Michelle - 

Be sure to ask the airway team about these things:

-is your mom drinking enough water?  if she is not, that can cause her mucous to get very thick and copious.  It's important that she stay hydrated.  

-is the air or oxygen that she is breathing humidified?  When you have a trach, your mouth or nose is not able to humidify the air or oxygen that is being breathed.  Having humidified air or oxygen will help.  

-is she "over suctioning," suctioning too deep or too vigorously.  Over suctioning or suctioning too deep or too vigorously can irritate the airway and cause more mucous to be produced (because the body is producing the mucous to try to protect the airway that is being suctioned.  It can be a vicious cycle).  

- is the trach is secured, not moving around too much, and in proper position.  These things can also irritate the trachea and produce mucous.

Thank you, Kathi.  I told my step father to look into your suggestions.

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