Hello again! My name is Liz Hardy, and I’m an Industrial design student from Colorado. I’ve posted surveys on this discussion forum and have gathered some great responses. Although this may seem annoying, it truly is for a good cause. My research will help design a ride-on toy that accommodates the needs of physically disabled kids. I’m very passionate about this project and creating a design to suit the needs of ALL kids is my main priority. I’m in search of true experts, all you loving parents. Anyone that would be willing to answer a few of my questions will be greatly appreciated and definitely shape this idea for the better!
Thank you for your time

 What are your kid’s ages?

 Has your child ever gone sledding? If not why?

If so:
 How did you insure their safety? (went down the hill with them, type of sled used offered lots of body support, the hills were tame, ect.)

 How often do you go sledding?

 How much assistance does your child need to go sledding?

 Would you add anything to your sled to make it safer for your child?

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Hey, Liz,
My son just turned 6. We have gone sledding one time this winter. Basically, to make it happen, either my husband or myself, holds our son in our lap. We also go to a fairly tame place. This is for our own self-preservation, because whoever goes down with him, gets to carry him and the sled back up. Just walking in snow pants and boots in the snow is alot of work for our son. There is no way he could make it back up the hill, nor would it be good for him. Also, it's hard to get up off the sled (if he's still in it) when he gets to the bottom. We would probably avoid sledding altogether if we didn't have 3 other kids. Mom and Dad are pooped by the time we're done. Forget a thigh master, just take your son with DMD sledding!
Sledding with Jack is a family project! We take turns pulling him back up the hill on the sled. The sled must have a sturdy pull rope with a comfortable grip. Mom, Dad & teenage brother take turns pulling him up the hill! When we are at the mountain condo, he plays in the snow and sleds every day. He is great at self regulating his activity. He rarely does anything he is not completely comforable with, so he chooses his sled based on how he feels on it.

Ang :)

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