I been denied from my insurnce to pay for cincinnati visit,now I already have a bunch of appointment with different Dr in less then a week from now(neurology,heart,lung,nutritionist,,,) I 'm not be able to pay for all those Drs I have to choose.The most important is for me to see Dr WONG,the rest I have to wait till I go again to chop,or what?for people who went to cinc please share with me your thoughts.
Thank you,

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Karen and Jennifer and any other Michiganders,
Our one glimmer of hope is that the UofM clinic has been working towards becoming multidisciplinary for awhile. They currently have a cardiologist, physical therapist, and behavioral person (not sure of the title). By this fall, they hope to have an endocrinologist and pulmonologist and be equipped to do more testing in clinic. They are wanting patients to be able to come on one day and see all of the specialists at once. They are definitely still a "baby" clinic, but I do appreciate that they see the need to become multidisciplinary. That's something! But, since one of our clinics is close to becoming multidisciplinary, it will be harder to argue with insurance and state aid to approve going out of state to see Dr. Wong.
Hi every body our visit to cinc was very interesting every single person who does work at that hospital is great We been very happy with Dr WONG and her group for the interest showed and the great job accomplished,,,
I wish that I'll find a job close enough to be followed by cinc hospital.
It's our first time traveling pa,oh,kentucky We love the area specially me the father since I'm a big animal Dr.I'll love to get establish in one of the nice areas.
Danelle, the behavioral person with the U of M clinic is from rehab psychology / neuropsychology.
Hi every one,guess what now We been denied for the second time to go see Dr FINKEL at chop,We have this app from 5 mo ago,our pedretitian called Americhoice (INSURANCE) for the autorisation last 10 days they call us today saying that it been denied our Dr called again do the necessary to obtain the autorisation few mns later they say We're aproved not even 15mns they call back with a deniel.I understand the deniel for cinc.hosp,because it's out of the network,BUT what about chop?do any body from nj with the same insurance go to chop?.why us what's the problem,seems no body knows why,the ladie who work at the insurance she don't know what's the reason then she said you should see Drs in nj hospitals like cooper.We beem to chop last jan with out autorisation,because no body told us about it I mean Dr,insurance,still We seen Dr TENECOON,MDA did cover our visit.
Can anyone give us what will be the next step to figure out what's going on with this bureaucracy.
I called a state to complain but with out succes the ladie on the phone ask for the paper work from our primarry wich he did send 2times 11 copies to the insurance previously.
chop called our Dr to let him know that We can go for our app tomorow then they will bill the insurance anyway.

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