"There's no Chair up There" (or "The View From My Chair.") Tonight (Sunday, Nov 16th) on Nickelodeon, Nick News

There's No Chair Up There
Did you ever wonder what it feels like to fly?

I mean, really fly floating in mid-air, weightless.

Well, on the latest edition of Nick News, four kids learn what it feels like to fly -- kids who spend most of their time in wheelchairs.

The show is called "The View From My Chair."

On the show, you'll meet four kids who are determined to be their best kids who are far more able than disabled.

And thanks to a special flight, they get a chance to float free of gravity.

One of the kids is Chase. He lives in Smyrna, Tennessee.

Chase uses a wheelchair because he has cerebral palsy. That's a condition that affects the ability to control your muscles.

But being in a wheelchair doesn't control his life.

"I go bowling. I go out to eat. I go to the movies. I go to the mall," Chase says. "I can get around as much as 'regular' people can get around, just in a different way."

You'll also meet Juan from Tampa, Florida.

Juan uses a wheelchair because he has muscular dystrophy. That's a disorder that causes muscles to become unusually weak.

Juan says when he first started using a wheelchair, people stared at him.

"I started to feel kind of weird, and I said, 'Why are they staring at me?' he says. "But I've never been ashamed of being in a wheelchair."

There's also 10-year-old Nia, from Bridgeport, Connecticut. She uses a wheelchair because of an injury she suffered in a car accident when she was four.

"My chair is both my friend and my enemy," Nia says. "It is one, my friend, because it's helping me get around, and it helps me do things. And two, it is my enemy, because it just like taunts me there saying, 'Ha ha, you can't stand.'"

The other girl on the program is Wensday. She's from Dover, Arkansas.

Wensday has spina bifida. That's a condition in which a person's backbone doesn't form properly.

"I'm the only kid in my school that's in a wheelchair," she says. "When there's a new student at my school, I always try to talk to them, and that way, they don't jump to conclusions before they can really think about what's wrong with me. And then they see me with my friends and they see, 'Oh, she's regular.'"

For the kids, the best part of the show was the "zero gravity" flight.

Thanks to some very special aerobatic maneuvers, the pilot was able to reduce the pull of gravity inside the plane down to zero.

What did it feel like to fly?

And how special is it for kids who can't walk?

Find out on "Nick News: The View From My Chair," premiering Sunday night, November 16th at 9pm (Eastern/Pacific) on Nickelodeon.

(Check your local TV listings in the other time zones.)

As Xavier is only 7 we are taping this so we can watch it first, but then plan to show it to him if we feel it is appropriate. I am assuming they will rerun it, but we do have the ability to burn the show to a DVD is it's good and are willing to do so if anyone would like a copy. So if anyone else watches it please give us your opinion on the show.

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Thanks for letting us know about this show. I will definetely watch tonight!
Hi Jennifer,
Unfortunately, I just found this posting a moment ago, so I missed the airing. Was it good? Also, do you recommend it for our kids?
I'll certainly watch for it to be repeated if it is worthwhile.

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