I am still hesitant what dose of Vit D should be given to Steroid users!

I see that many doctors in USA recommend high dose,but here in Canada, my son's neurologist recommends 1000 mg of Vit D!

Please,your experiences with this vitamin!

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My son is on 2000 they adjust  to his blood test results..but had been 2000 for five years

My son takes 2000IU twice a day, but he's previously had very low levels (they're good now) and we live in Seattle, WA. A lot will depend on how much sun your area gets.

My son takes two gummy L'il Critters Vitamin D's per day.  (sorry, don't know what dose that is)... 

My daughter takes 1000mg vit D daily for 12 months.  No problems or complications with her steroids. 

Our son takes 2000u/drop of vit D,the good thing about liquid vit D is 1 drop= 2000units,

So it cames in small vials wish can last 365 days.

I agree with laurie. We also live in washington state and my 5 year old also takes 4000iu daily.

My 3 year old takes half of a 1000 iu D3 and K2 combination supplement. K2 is very important when taking D.


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