Does anybody know if low temperatures have any bearing on dark urine/myoglobinuria? Yesterday my little one (3 y/o) wanted to go out on his trike (no pedals - the push along variety) and it was very cold - about -3. Although we wrapped him warmly he was shivering by the time we stopped off for a snack/warm up and i noticed him use a gowers for the first time.
Then, this morning, he produced very dark urine. We upped his idebenone to 225mg recently and i know that this can alter the colour of urine, but it doesn't make it so dark (i don't think). My son has no other symptoms and is his usual energetic self. I dipped his urine myself and it showed nothing unusual - no protein/ketones etc.
Could the cold be the culprit here??
Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

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I don't think it's the cold temp, just the physical activity. For us it actually happens more when it's hot, because he sweats more and loses fluids, so needs to drink constantly. It also happened once when we went sledding in the winter.

But I am no expert, just recounting our experience.


Thanks Andrea. That's what i thought was odd though, he hadn't really been engaged in physical activity. He was just sitting in his trike like Lord Muck whilst i pushed him around...!
I think the cold may have some bearing on the muscles though. Today it's very cold again and i noticed that my son couldn't get up the step into our house. He can usually do it without much effort at all.

could you explain "dipped his protein/keytones.."?  How and why do you do this?  My son was just diagnosed a few weeks ago and I am trying to learn as much as I can.  He will be 3 at the end of the summer.  Thanks!

Hi Tammy. I have some urine testing strips from the hospital and they change colour when dipped in urine. the colour shows what levels of various things are/are not present in the sample. my son's sample was normal (so no blood, infection etc).

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