my Caleb has the sensory issues taste smell socks and all you have talked and everyone tells me it has nothing to do with dmd but  not I know it may  I thank Kohls for Tony Hawk clothes caues no tags I found that the jean problem was caues he could not do the snaps or buttons so arizona jeans at penneys have  a hook he can do  socks are short and they have to be thin many  places are now making them  So happy to have found this group as I love this child so much and even my husband and I  differ on how to handle his different issues. Its nice to be able to vent and share what we have learned about our guys    Penny

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many DMD boys have sensory issues. tags on shirts, seems inside toes of socks, etc. my son has mild autism as well, which Autism Spectrum Disorders are something else that often occurs with DMD. OCD, ADHD, on and on. The muscle protein they are missing is also something that is found in the brain, so not having it can do much more than just affect their muscles.
You would probably be very interested in joining this group:

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