Hi guys,
Jasdeep (6 yr old, in kindergarten) was evaluated with the typical educational assessment by the school psychologosit and scored average in all categories, hence there will be no special ed program for him. But we feel that Jasdeep has learning issues and want to find out about the neuropsychological evaluation that is mentioned in the DMD learning and behavior guide by James Poysky. It is suppoesed to have better understanding of conginitive issues in DMD kids.
Did anybody use this test to evaluate your son for learning? Please let me know. How did you go about asking the school to administer this test?


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I don't know much about the testing, but his school has to provide him with an IEP because he has a serious disorder - it's the law! It doesn't matter if he has cognitive issues or not!

Why is you still feel he has learning issues after the evaluation? Not all boys with dmd have cognitive issues.
YOU know your son better than anyone else. A mother knows when things are not right with thier child. The cognitve/learning disabilities can be very subtle with DMD and not outwardly detectable to someone that has only spent an hour in a room with your son evaluating him. I knew that Daniel had issues (cognitve/learning disabilites) way before anyone else did. It is really hard to evaluate this when your child is only in kindergarten. They become much more apparent if your child has problems as they get older. I had a complete neuropsych done on Daniel at CCHMC by a psychologist that had evaluated many DMD boys. She did some tests that the school did not do. She told me that the school should never be the ones to do the evaluation. I had felt this way from the beginnning and is why I sought an outside evaluation.

my son has inattention,but he was not diagnosed with ADHD.Can anyone tell me how to overcome this problem since his teachers complain about this?

Has anyone tried a medication or supplement that could help?



If you disagree with the school's assessment of your son, you have the option to have him evaluated by an Independent Educational Evaluator.  This evaluation will be at your expense, yet the school must consider the results must be considered by the district.  Ask for a copy of the Procedural Safeguards which the school is required to provide.  This document outlines your rights and responsibilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and where you may obtain an independent evaluation. 

Because your son has Duchenne does not automatically make him eligible for and Individualized Education Program/Plan (IEP) as others may suggest.  Many students who have DMD function well in the classroom and school setting while others need support.  This can change as the students needs increase over time.  An IEP is designed to help a student based on his/her unique needs.  There are many factors that may make a student eligible; not all are strictly academic. 

One resource is to contact your state's Parent Training and Information Center. (http://www.yellowpagesforkids.com/help/ptis.htm) These centers are federally funded programs which offer training and assistance to families regarding Special Education and may be able to help you locate an Advocate who is able to help you along the way.



Our neurologist suggested trying Omega-3 fatty acids for this. I do think it helps, and it's also good for the heart. It will take a few months at least before you see any improvement though. There are many brands, and we started out with one specifially marketed to kids and it was a chewable, fish shaped caplet. Now he just swallows these huge, adult sized capsules.

Moein said:

my son has inattention,but he was not diagnosed with ADHD.Can anyone tell me how to overcome this problem since his teachers complain about this?

Has anyone tried a medication or supplement that could help?


Regardless of his cognitive issues, he needs an IEP to accomidate his physical disabilities, now and future.

Hi My son has also been struggling in school and testing provided by district has not shown anything significant.  When I was in CCHMC a few weeks ago they suggested a Developmental Pediatrician.  So that is where we are headed.  And as Brian said the school has to consider the results of testing.  good luck Rosalie

I was in your shoes 10 years ago. IEPs are hard work, no test will give you more than a glimpse in time at best.

Took him 5 years to shake the 'mild mental retardation' label, the result of a similar test.

But my son is now pulling Bs in high school in all mainstream classes. His friends ask him if he can tutor them. Just keep working with him and you'll get there.

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