We are putting a pool in.  Can any of the cost be tax deductible under medical expenses?

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Thank you!

Patty Sherman said:
We were able to depreciate (but not totally deduct) the cost of our pool. I'm not much help in telling you how. Our tax accountant has pretty much taken care of it for us. What I do know is make sure you save any type of receipt associated with it. When I get a moment, I'll look through a tax return or two & see if I can figure out how he fits it in.
We got a script for our pool from Dr. Wong and then deducted it as a medical expense the year we put it in. We use all pool maintenance and chemicals as medical expenses as well. It really isn't that much, but when added to everything else.....
When I reviewed this with taxes this year for a built in ramp, I interpreted the expense as a medical expense. Right now, you have to spend at least 7.5% of your adjusted gross income in order to write off any home changes for our son's medical needs. The other thing they talked about was whether or not the home modification would increase the value. I now want to look into Patty's accountant's process.
We bought our house with an older above ground pool already there. I have been wanting to have it 'sunk' to accomidate Riley and was wondering if I could get any help or tax deduction for this as well....if anyone finds out more info about it I would sure appreciate an update...i'll be meeting with my accountant tomorrow and will ask her myself, but I know not all accountants are as familiar with some of these situations.
awesome!! Got it!

Patty Sherman said:
Maybe print that PDF out that I posted to show her? Maybe she can make some sense out of it? The information on there is what our accountant used to write off our bathroom modifications...

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