I wanted to get some thoughts on something that we're discussing in our family. My parents, who are fantastic, brought up the possibility of creating what they jokingly called a commune. Basically, they're willing to sell their house and use the money to build themselves an apartment below our house. Or they've offered to remodel their own house to make it accessible and create a larger apartment downstairs for themselves. The idea is that we would have some support as Aidan grows older.

I wanted to know other people's thoughts on that possibility, especially people with older sons. It's very hard to think about the future, and I am sad about the prospect of giving up some independence of my own, but we need to face facts and plan responsibly.

Does anyone have any thoughts about the situation?


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sounds great,in october we built a room for my dad,above our playroom.he will eventually have his own bathroom and kitchen as well. he moved in to help with my two sons with duchenne, ages 10 and 7, and our other 3 kids... it has had its drawbacks but with some boundry setting it has been a blessing for us all.

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