One week ago Sunday, Brady woke up with excruciating pain in his right foot. We thought maybe it was a contracture but didn't realize how painful it would be. Then Wednesday or Thursday, we noticed his right foot & ankle seemed swollen & it is still painful to him. Took him to urgent care tonight because we are concerned it could be something really bad like his heart causing the enlargement of his foot/ankle. The left foot is swollen but not nearly as much as the right. Doctor took x-rays just to be sure & also blood & urine to look for any underlying infection...he's on Prednisone. X-rays came back fracture.

Anyone have a similar experience like this?

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The right foot of both of my sons occasionally swells. It depends on the weather or how long they have been riding in the car or if a sock is too tight.
My younger son can move very little and is very thin; his doesn't seem to swell as much as my older son: he's more mobile, though neither of them walk. My older son experiences the swelling even the day after he's had a long car ride or been on an airplane. We try to elevate his foot, and the swelling decreases over the next couple of days. Neither have experienced the pain you're describing. Hope it's better. Let me know what you find out.


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