Hi everyone,  I was wondering if anyone has ever done a fund raiser at their local pool???  I'm on the school board in our school district and our Superintendent is trying to organize a fundraiser for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy for this summer at our local pool.  Our school district, which only consists of about 400 students, now has 2 young boys with DMD (plus an additional one that has been out of high school for quite a few years) - these seem like very high percentages for a town of about 1,700 - but anyway, I am thrilled that she wants to do something to help our boys and I am just trying to think of a good way to have the fundraiser.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!


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What a great idea! And it's so wonderful that it's an activity that boys with Duchenne can fully participate in! They could charge admission to get in and have yummy summertime snacks like snowcones/hotdogs for sale. A raffle for some sort of summer items that local businesses donate (bbq grill, jetski, bikes, pool accessory package) might raise a nice amount of money. What about having a local sports store selling colorful floaties/googles, etc.?

Hope you have a great turnout!
Donna, those percentages are ridiculously high for your town. I wonder if, perhaps, it could be due to environmental factors causing a gene mutation? Someone should certainly do some research in that area.

Additionally, I think the pool fundraiser is a great idea. Veronica E. had some wonderful suggestions, I wish you the best of luck!

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