BBC is getting complaints due to disabled host. Parents have complained that they had to take to kids about disabilities.

My kid also had question after the show and after explaining to him how every one was different and unique, I think I will make a better case in explaning why my son is not as strong others at school. THe BBC host gives the same opportunity to other parents and make other kids more mature and sensitive to others. Hopefully this will save one odd questions or a painful remark my son will face at school.

I would request other to go and support BBC in this initiative to not let disabilities dominate other aspects of life.

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I just went and checked this out and can't believe the vast amount of ignorant and arrogant people in this world still today in 2009. She is a beautiful lady even with half a arm! It isn't the children who are having a time with it, it is the adults. Children aren't born to hate, children aren't born to laugh at and make infront of others, children aren't born to be prejudice, they learn it all from irresponsible parents.....parents who base beauty only on looks and not on what the person is like on the inside. I can guarantee that if explained correctly to the children who are asking the questions that afterwards they just say okay and go about their business, but, it has lasting effects on these parents whom I can also quarantee didn't give very sensitive answers to their childrens questions re: people who are missing limbs etc.. More disabled people need to be on TV, and what better place to start than on childrens shows to allow the next generation to not be so judgemental, the world is made up of many who believe what they see in the Hollywood world is what everyone should look like....where money is wasted on plastic surgery to made already beautiful women disfigured because they are so obessed with their make your boobs bigger so, you can land the job instead of getting the job because of what you know, just think of how many cures could have been found earlier for the many terminal illnesses there are out there if those researchers trying to make people believe they can keep their fountain of youth alive thru their looks spent all that time trying to find least they are alive and have been able to aged....our boys won't be allowed to age and be glad they were able to aged, unless the cure is found......our world is so mixed up, many don't know what is important anymore in life. I read many from fathers that seemed so disgusted, it is because she isn't a 10 in their male chauvinist minds of what women should look like to them. My son may be in a wheelchair, but he is handsome, smart and no way will he feel like he has to hide inside because of the many a@#holes that live in our society still today who invalidate people with any kind of disability like they don't have feelings! The problem isn't the lady with half a arm, the problem lies with the people who have said the negative things they have said about her and probably have said negative things to their children about her when they asked their simple questions....thus making them insensitive to other peoples feelings too!

People who think they are better than the next here is something to ponder about, no matter what your job is, no matter what your color is, no matter what your family has, no matter how much education you have, no matter how much money you are no better than me or anyone else.....God created us all as equals, no one no better and no one no less!!!

I believe that maybe the disabled are the normal ones, as they seem to understand God's message for us all here on earth, they except their circumstances better than non-disabled, they are strong people....they have to be to live in our so so so perfect be a parent of a disabled child is hard when we have to help them to learn to live in a society that judges on the outside of how you isn't hard for a parent to explain to their healthy child why someone is disabled....try walking in my shoes when I have to explain to my child why so many are so ignorant and arrogant when he catches them staring at him....children look but, when they ask their innocent questions it isn't hard at all to answer them to where they understand and except the person with their is hard though to stop yourself from wanting to go and smack the adult in the head for being so lame to stare in the first place!

Adults are the ones who put wrong things in their kids heads before you leave them on their first day of have taught them prejudice before they even hang out on the playground on their first day of school!


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