Excited to hear about Phase1!!! I understand that they will release more information at the end of the month but does anyone have an idea how long until they get a Phase 2 going?

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Good afternoon all,

Did any of you attend the conference?

Best regards,


Paul, Thanks for keeping us updated!

Good afternoon all,

Another update for you...and you are more than welcome Denise.

Good morning all,

Summit recently held a placing to raise funds for P1b. Hopefully this will be approved by shareholders shortly.

What does this mean to charities raising funds to help Summit with their funding needs? Perhaps counter intuitively it means that any funds received by Summit from charities will be used towards P1b thus releasing funds for P2 and also further biomarker work. What it means for the charities is that funds raised will be put to work this year.

P1b is now recruiting and is scheduled to start in H2 2013. As I have said previously P1b is U.K. based. P1b results are expected in H1 2014

P2 will begin later in 2014 and will have two test centres in both the U.K. and the U.S. (a total of four) and one other in a as yet to be decided country.

If you were unable to attend the PPMD conference I am hoping that there will have been a recording made. If this proves to be the case I will post the link once I have it. Summit have informed me the presentation slides will be made available on the Summit homepage in the near future. Once it is I will let you know.



GSK, Sarepta, Halo ... Summit should find motiviation to ACCELERATE their plans considering the DMD space is getting awfully crowded for those who wait.

paul, you said summit is recruiting for p1b? i didn't see it on clinicaltrials.gov

Hi Paul,could you please let me know where I can find SMTC 1100 trial you are talking about?

Thank you

Good morning David,

Apologies for the delay in answering your post but I was waiting on approval from Glyn Edwards to quote his answer to a question asked by myself in a recent e-mail. I now have this.

David I believe they are motivated. However as their treatment is applicable to 100% of boys they don`t want to over accelerate and discover the brakes are slammed on by the regulators. The below is the quote.

"I know there is great frustration in the community about the pace of development. It must seem slow to you. However we are moving as quickly as we can to get the treatment to proof of concept in phase 2 and to be able to get good quality data in front of the regulators."

I look forward to seeing the results of the P1b in the first half of the year hopefully the earlier part...though I know that does seem a long way off.

Amit and Moein the P1b trials are being held in the U.K. The www.ClinicalTrials.gov is a U.S. web site so P1b recruiting would not be posted there. P2b should but I will double check for you.


Hope that helps.



it's terrific that you will engage parents on this forum. but this goes beyond motivation of the compassionate kind. nothing motivates like competition for investment. I believe in summit and believe they can move faster with proper safeguards. but the market is speaking with a voice far louder and I love that!


That made me smile. Guy Edwards has in fact just got back from the U.S. where he was presenting at the JMP Securities Healthcare Conference. Hopefully he had a successful presentation and investment from the U.S. will take follow. Further investment would, I imagine, mean an acceleration in the process or at the very least a greater depth of data for the regulators to review which would in all likelihood mean a greater chance of a successful P2.

*I have just noticed a typo in my previous post P2b should read P2 so should read like this P2 should but I will double check for you.



* will take follow....will follow

Good morning all,

You will probably already have seen/listened to this but just in case. Summits presentation at the PPMD conference.


Did anyone go? Did anyone ask any follow up questions?



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