Ok is anyone out there using this machine?  My son is 11 and just stopped being on his feet but can move his legs and stand when we walk with him leaning on us.  I want to hear from actual parents whose boy is/was the same and started using this.  I want real results if there are any.




Patti Frank

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Patti--get on fb and check the group "STS Treatment" for futher/new information. with parent testimonials and videos. Interesting stuff. I am not packing to go to Texas yet.
I want to know if it helps with contractures. Justin is 14 and a half and has bad contratures in his legs and the start of them in his elbows. If this machine would help the contractures and let him sleep better I would look into using it.

My biggest question with this is in regards to long term effect. Are "improvements" being seen at the expense of later years? If it it stimulated some kind of repair, is that speeding up the entire disease process? It's also contra-indicated for anyone with a heart issue.
Yes, I have been reading alot about this treatment lately. There are tons of conversations on facebook about it right now...some very heated. I have seen and read some great improvements in the boys, but I am not ready to do it. My main concern as with many parents, is long-term effect to heart. The treatments uses some sort of electrodes and shouldn't be used by people with heart conditions.

You may want to google it too. You will find more details. Also PPMD website posted some information about it.

Good luck...and make the best decision for your son and your family.

All the Best.

I just contacted Dr. Rhoades today, and frankly I'm still not sure what to think. Part of me wants to believe that it will make my son more comfortable and help get him back on his feet again. Yet, the New Yorker part of me suspects it is a scam. Either way we plan on discussing the treatment further with the Doctor this weekend. My son is 10 and just gave up walking last July. He still seems to have a lot of strength in his legs but he told me he just didn't want to fall anymore. When I asked him why he stopped trying to walk he told me he didn't want to fall and die. (Where he got the idea that he could die from falling is equally confusing) but I figure even if the machine doesn't work it might just give him enough confidence to try to keep walking.

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