Our family is taking a cruise at the end of this month and Landon walks but starts to get tired. Does anyone know any kind of stroller or something that is easy to pack around that a 5 year old can fit in just to help out with all of the long walking?

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When my son Alex was diagnosed at age 5 - 5-1/2 years ago, we purchased a McLaren stroller for bigger kids. It holds kids up to 100 lbs. We used it for same reason for about 2 years - until he didn't want to be in it. We then went to the motorized scooter.

The stroller has been in our garage for 3 years and I have tried to find a family to donate it to. I can research boxing, etc with with UPS, and if doable, I would love to ship it to you, if you would like it. It is still in good shape just need to wipe away some spider webs.

When is your cruise?

Email me if you are interested? kim@manda.net

You may find one closer to buy/borrow that might work, but I would love for your adorable boy to use it. It is a perfect choice at this age.
That would be great I just don't know if you could get it to me in time. Our cruise is July 19th. I live in Arkansas. I will email you my adress and let me know if we can figure it how! Thank you so much because it seems like all of them I have found are too small for him. I knew they made bigger but have not been able to find one! Thanks a million!!!
Maclaren sells a stroller with which is good for bigger kids and can hold kids that weigh upto 100lbs...you may want to check out their website. we are using this stroller and are happy with it....

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