My son Tyler has been complaining more and more of his thigh muscles tightening up.  Are there any stretches that I should be doing to help loosen these muscles up?  He is having greater difficulty raising his leg off the ground to step over things. 

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Could you please send me those stretches? My email is thank you :)

Debbie Schneider said:

Hi Vicky, our physio directed me to the UK MD site and I tried to download a booklet with some great stretches it seems for all stages of DMD.  You need to join their site and then go to their downloads section and there is a 19 page document and very comprehensive.  I had problems getting these docs, if you do as well, let me know your email and I will email you what she sent me.  Kind regards  Debbie

 Dear Vickie,

I have booklet written by Mdm.Helen Posselt. I will send to your e-mail.


Dear Vickie.

Already sent.


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