My son will be going to camp this summer and the application asks to list what stretches your son will need. Honestly, I have no idea what the stretches are called? Has anyone been to Dr. Wong's office lately? and would have a listing or a description of them.

Thanks, any information would be greatly appreciated

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I think this would describe them pretty well. Heel cord stretches, hamstring stretches and (Oh god I forgot what the other one is) It stretches his hips. I hope this helps somewhat. I am sure someone knows the exact name.


Thank you very much. I think there are a couple more that we do. But this gets me started.
I have a handout at home that they gave us last time. I'll bring it to work with me tomorrow and can scan and post it for you if you'd like.

That would be great if don't mind. Thanks so much!!!
calf stretches and hamstring stretches are the most important and should be kept up at camp if at all possible.

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