Just curious as to what the highest does of calcort a child/teenage can take ?  I know it would depend on size etc...but in general.  My son is 8 and we just increased to 21mg daily. 




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Hi Darcy- My son has been on the same dosage of 36mg a day for a few years. He weighs about 103 lbs, and has been has high as 110lbs. For my son, the Doctor told me that his dose was his maximum. He could go up to 39mg but no more. Dr. Biggar would be the most knowledgable on maximum dosage. Not sure if you are going to the conference in Denver, you could speak with Dr. Biggar there.
Hi Darcy,

The guidance I have been given is 0.9mg per kg bodyweight. My son is 5, weighs approx. 17 kgs, and takes 15mg per day. Hope that helps.
Hi. From what I ahve read of the guidelines they first work up to 0.9 mg/kg and then to at max 1 mg per Kg. So find weight in pounds, turn into Kilograms and at max, the milograms should be the same as the weight.

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