I found a website that uses stem cell to treat various diseases including duchenne.

The website is www.medra.com.

Has anyone heard of them or used them. There is a letter from a mother telling the company how her son has improved, but I dont know if it is legimate.

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If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't true.  Please use caution when searching for "treatments" for DMD and speak with your doctor before visiting such people. 

In 2009, the journal Science published an article about stem cell clinics: http://nyscf.org/images/pdf/3-20-09_science_monitoring%20and%20regu...  Here is an excerpt from this article:


Companies such as Medra, Stemedica
(www.stemedica.com/), Stem Cell Biotherapy
lang/en), and Regenocyte have taken advantage
of the resulting confusion and have occupied
the current international regulatory vacuum.
For example, Stem Cell Biotherapy and
Regenocyte advertise procedures unavailable
in the United States and arrange for patients to
be sent to affiliated hospitals in other parts of
the world. Of these, Medra became particularly
notorious for the extraordinary claims made by
its founder, psychiatrist William Rader, who
has refused to share information on cell lines
and techniques he claims can be used for treatment
of conditions including spinal cord injury
and Down syndrome.


Wishing you all the best.


Brian Denger

Thank you Brian. Just searching for hope. It just seems science is not getting anywhere.


I have been quite on the PPMD blogs over the past year, in order to work with Pat and her staff to investigate Ryan's stem cell treatments and the successes that he has achieved. It is impossible for someone with Duchenne to get stronger, but it has happened over the past two years. It is not too good to be true, because it is true. Please take 20 minutes to view the documentary that was recently produced about Ryan and his stem cell treatments. By the way, Ryan is the one signing at the beginning of the video.




Curtis, thanks for interacting here. What we understood from the PPMD investigation report that was posted here was that Ryan does not have DMD, but some other neuromuscular disease. Can you share your thoughts on that? Thanks.

Medra is a scam. This is one of many credible reports about them



I too am frustrated at the agonizing pace of science, I fully understand why you would look this way. But don't waste your time or money on these guys.


As for Ryan, it was confirmed by PPMD that Ryan does not have DMD. Imagine a doctor who would claim to treat a DMD patient, even referencing him in a published paper, without even a confirmation of the diagnosis. That's is indicative of this "stem cell tourism" industry. Snake oil, pure as simple.



Thank you for your reply. All we could do is pray that our miracle will come one day


If you are searching for progress on stem-cell front (although still never as quickly as we would like), you should follow the San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Milan Italy. This is real science, in pre-clinical stages.




The more we can focus time and $ on treatments that demonstrate objective, reproducible results, we have a better chance at finding our miracle.


Having spent crazy amounts of time on google I have modified my search string on google to exclude anything that says mice or mouse


My search string is "duchenne stem cell -mouse -mice"




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