We live in Michigan, where we have Children's Special Health Care services-state sponsored insurance to pick up what private insurance doesn't. We do have to pay a portion-based on income. I am interested to know what other states have something like this? We are *possibly* thinking of relocating, and that would be a big consideration. We like the southeast the best, but are open to pretty much anywhere where there are not long, cold, snowy winters. :)

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Keep in mind that you need to be somewhere with good medical care.  As a general rule...the South does not have it!  I can assure you that LA/MS/AR and probably even TX and FL are not where you want to be!  THere is a good doc in Birmingham, AL now, but he is still building his team and I am not sure what kind of support he is getting from the hospital. 

Good luck on your Quest!

We were thinking more along the lines of Virginia, North/South Carolina, Georgia...I don't even know where to begin to find out if they have overall good health care, though! But thanks for giving me something to think about.



provides a lot of information on various programs in various States. In many States the special needs insurance is covered  under things called waivers. You can   contact your target States and see what they offer in their State.


http;//www.familyvoices.org is a nationwide organization that provides support to families struggling with health insurance and medical care issues. Contact them about your target States.


There are lots of environmental issues that you might want to consider including air quality (since pulmonary issues are very important for our children), humidity (which can be just as difficult as cold - I grew up in N Indiana, Chicago so I feel your pain).


Cost of housing and cost of living are biggies too as well as availability of adapted housing.


Get one of those "best places to live" books and then adapt what they say about important aspects of living to what you migh need for a person with a disabiling condition.



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