Just wondering what I'm up against if anything. It's my understanding the new school has two flights of stairs..(Elevator as well). I know most of the time, he will want to go up and down stairs with his friends but I told him that he is allowed to use the elevator. Do I need to have a note from the Dr regarding the use of the elevator or does it just go with the overall DMD and 501 plan.


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if i were you i would be sure the IEP plan he has says that he has access to the elevator, just as a side note it is probably not a great idea to have him use stairs at all, as it can be quite damaging to his muscles, especially going down. ( this info comes from Dr. Wong's crew at cinci children's hospital)
You need to let them know and have it specified in his IEP. At my son's High School you had to have a key to use the elevator and they gave him his own. Just FYI he often had to deal with the other kids (who had no business being using the elevator) trying to get on the elevator because it wasn't necessarily monitored all the time by a staff member or teacher. We never thought it was quite right that he had to deal with that, but they did let him out of class earlier and that helped. You should probably have it written in his IEP to have more time to get to and from classes so he doesn't have to deal with the crowds of kids, he doesn't get too tired rushing and he won't get marked tardy.

Thanks! He has a 504 plan at ths time. He does not have IEP, I'm not sure I understand the difference. Should I push
for the IIEP? He is in second grade and they finally agreed to the 504 last year. Did nothing in K for him. They do allow him
to have extra set of books at home and we will review and update as needed.

A 504 plan is fine. He only needs an IEP if he has any learning issues. My older son Calvin has a 504 and my younger one Jared has an IEP. Calvin has had an elevator key since he started middle school since there are a ton of stair. We review it every year to add anything that may come up. He gets extra time to get to class and is released a little early so he can get to the bus easier. Both programs can be used all the way through college.
I guess I am now confused about the difference between an IEP and a 504. My 8 year old (non DMD and no learning problems) has an IEP for speech therapy. My 6 year old (DMD) has had an IEP since the year before he was in kindergarten for PT and OT. Does an IEP come into play whenever there are specific services offered?
My son had to have an IEP to get Adaptive PE since that is considered special ed. Even though Jon was diagnosed just before he went into 4th grade we didn't get the IEP until he went into Middle School and that was to get the Adaptive PE.

Just an idea for you but why not talk to the contact person you need to at your son's school and with his teacher, and maybe they'll ok the idea of having a friend ride with him on the elevator. Maybe a different kid every day, but maybe it wouldn' make your son feel so different or alone since he'd probably rather be with his friends anyway.
Thanks, great ideas. I just remembered that Dr. Wong gave me a script for adaptive gym...I wasn't worried in K about gym but now getting older and more expected, I would like him to have adaptive gym class.. Will this be a problem? Do all schools offer adaptive gym and if not, do they HAVE to? Looks like I would need the IEP in addition to the 504 for this request. What does adaptive gym involve?

I think it would be and IEP instead of a 504, but I could be wrong. If I remember right Jon had to have an IEP in place to even get evaluated for Adaptive PE, it also came in handy to get an evaluation for assistive technology services. They could have qualified Jon under with Other Health Impaired or Orthopedic Impairment. The put him in Orthopedic Impairment because it would help him get more services after high school. Adaptive PE is just what is sounds like, PE activities adapted to the abilities and limitations of the participants. When the other kids were doing calisthenics the teacher would help Jon stretch instead. She was well aware of the limitations and needs of MD and kept in constant touch with us. They play sports accommodating lots of different physical and intellectual abilities. For instance Jon would just stand under the basket and someone would pass the ball to him to shoot, he would not run up and down the court. Kids with aides had their aides assist them in some sports.

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