Has anyone had any experience with a stairlift?  A friend had recommended Acorn Stairlift Company, but I saw some bad reviews online about their product and their service.  I'm not sure what company to go with and would appreciate any advise anyone can give me.

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We have an acorn stairlift that we bought used and my son loves it. Easy to install and no problems so far. He just wishes it was faster!

Thank you for your reply Regina.  Another friend also told me they have no problem with their Acorn Stairlift, and they've had it for 6 months so far.  It's always good to hear personal experiences with a product before buying it.  If anyone else has experience with a stair lift, please let me know. 

P.S.:  I'm sure my grandsons will wish that it goes faster also. :)

Just bear in mind that eventually you will have to be lifting your child into the seat and will need headrest and seatbelts for safety. Also, you will need a wc at the top of the lift. After spinal surgery their center of balance will change and they may not be comfortable or safe in the chairlift. If you can afford it and realize it is a short-term solution, go ahead.


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