I am thinking about getting a chairlift installed in my home for my grandsons.  I live on the second floor of a two family home which I own, and they visit quite often.  They are 5 1/2 and 4 years old.  Does anyone know if there is financial assistance available for this?   Which brand and/or company is the best to deal with?  (I live in N.J.)  Any info or insight to get me started would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Terry, We used Construction Solutions Services in NJ 908-578-8188. The website is www.njmobility.com. It was kind of expensive I think about 15,000. We had to do 3 seperate chairs. 1 to go upstairs and 2 to go down to the playroom. I will try to post pictures.
We have Horizon BC/BS when I called them they said it was covered by ins. but....... you have to be pre-certified before installing it. They told me the opposite, I am fighting them now. Good Luck. You can call if you have any questions. 9087892186.
Just bear in mind that what works for a young child with dmd in the way of stair lifts will not work for an older person with dmd. An "older" dmder cannot hold up their heads, have floppy, unstable trunks, and are not able to hold on or help themselves in any way. They may need to recline if they had spinal surgery or not be able to ride up without their breathing support systems that are attached to their wheelchairs. When they get up or down the stairs will their 500 pounds or more motorized wheelchairs be there? What happens when your child weights 160 and you weigh 120 and have to lift them between seats? Just think it through depending on your child's age/weight/strength. If you are thinking long-term an elevator may be your only answer. We moved to a one-story after much consideration. My son is 29.
Terry, There was a discussion some time ago about stair lifts -- here is the link to it.

Our son purchased the stairlift from Craigslist. After 2+ years it still works fine for my Grandson. They understand that it is not the long term solution but for $500, it was a good interim choice.

Sorry I can't help you with the financial aid and company info questions you are asking.
I realize that they are not practical for our more advanced boys who had difficulty transferring to the lift chair. But for my boys Craig 7.5 and Marc 4.5 this is the most practical for us. It gives them alittle indepencance to be with their siblings and friends during playtime. We looked into and elevator and right now it would not work for us. With the layout of our house their is no where to put just one we would need 2-3 different ones to give them access to all areas of the house.
Thank you everyone for your comments regarding the stair lift. I appreciate everyone's insight. I realize that it is a temporary solution. I may look into renting instead of buying. I need to check which would work out better.

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