Don't put your boys in Sweatpants anymore, They deserve to dress like anyone else does. If the boys want jeans then put them in jeans, if they want those shorts, swimsuit anything, it can be theirs, with the help of Buddy Bottoms (that is what I call them now). These Buddy Bottoms have resolved the issue of pants for our boys, if you want to know more just let me know. I can alter them for you or buy the size you need and then alter them. I just need a size and we can get to work on them.
I have been altering my boys pants to make it easier to use urinals, it helps like you will not believe.
I can put snaps or velcro in place of zipper, but zipper works the best in my opinion.

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I can still do that for you, even if you have a helper it is wonderful all of my boys pants have zippers now. Now I am doing Hoodie and shirts if interested.

Jason Darienzo said:
Being someone with DMD I thing extending the original zipper would be better. It would have allowed me to urinate unassisted when I had the ability to do so.
Thank you, I would be glad to help you and alter some of your sons pants and shorts. I am also doing Hoodies and shirts now.

Jo-Anne said:
Hi Tanya. Thank you for this, I am battling to find the right type of shorts for Kevin to wear. It is so difficult, the sports type are the best as they are not long, the ones that go down to the knees are not working anymore. You idea is brilliant, thanks for this, it will help many people. Love Jo


please message me about altering some shorts please

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